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The Necential Story

When South Africa’s lockdown shut down the economy in early 2020, we immediately foresaw there would be a need to provide a reliable supply of credible Personal Protective Products (PPE), with the appropriate dependable support services. We did so in the desire to fill the sudden increased demand and need for these items. Subsequently, we realised that those in need extended to people requiring an additional income, or even to replace an income from the resultant loss suffered through economic hardship.

This gave rise to Necential – a long-term viable business that can provide simple to earn passive and annuity income for scores of people across the country – no start-up fees required.

That proposition involves creating a sustainable eCommerce business model that optimises a global network of superior suppliers from whom we have been able to secure preferential rates, as well as excellent relationships with a nexus of warehousing and distribution partners.

That’s a posh way of saying: we’ve got the products and we need you to ‘sell’ them for us and you need people to help you sell them too and so on…there’s a need (demand) and we have the goods (supply) and we all benefit.

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About Necential

Taking care of you & your loved ones

Our vision is to enable ordinary people to earn from multiple revenue streams. This will be achieved by offering a range of vital products and services (across any industry sector, not just limited to PPE), to run a viable business through a digital platform. This will be done without the need or hassle of having costly warehouse facilities and logistics challenges, or even, sourcing of the products themselves.

Online ‘shops’ are created and housed all on one platform – Necential. Products are varied and affordable so as to ensure continuous interest and potential. The key to the business, ours and yours, is that we are able to supply you and your customers with small quantities of quality essential items BUT at WHOLESALE prices. We have done the quality assurance of the products and services beforehand so you can rest assured that what you sell is top quality.

Our revenue model allows for people in South Africa to run their businesses as a sole income generator, but is equally appropriate for those seeking a second income stream. There is no upfront financial outlay either, making Necential a simple opportunity to secure extra income.

We use tried and tested, multi-level marketing methods for our affiliates to provide the most important everyday essentials at extremely competitive rates to their networks. In short, we cut out the middlemen and the retailers, ensuring that you reap the just rewards of your input.

With the majority of households’ incomes lower than 2019 figures, the need to generate additional income is pressing. A legitimate and easy remedy for this, is Necential.

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