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Affiliate Questions & Answers

What are the benefits?
Generate passive income.
Build an annuity.
Earn without needing to focus 100% on the business.
Assist others to follow suit and uplift your family, friends and community.
Be a contributor to the economy and help SA get back on track.
Live the life you dream of.
How do I join?
In the top menu of the website there’s a START YOUR OWN BUSINESS link. On the dropdown just click Join Now and complete the easy registration form. In the footer you’ll see a ‘Become An Affiliate’ link under Affiliates. Just click it and this will also take you to the registration form.
What is Growth Share?
At Necential, we believe our agents must be rewarded for helping us build the business. Growth Share is exactly that – we share a portion of the company’s wealth with affiliates who help us grow the company by recruiting productive agents.

Productive affiliates contribute by recruiting more affiliates and generating sales on their unique URL. Unlike other companies who keep all that money, Necential shares some of this back to the affiliates who helped the company grow.

This means that an affiliate can become part of the growth trajectory of the company, and can be rewarded with passive, potentially long-term income without investing any capital. You can be part of the Company’s success, and you are rewarded through the Growth Share Plan.

Income you can receive from Growth Share – your reward for helping the company grow – is an absolute passive opportunity. You share in the revenue of the company like an owner would, but without any personal risk or investing of capital.
– Necential is not a pyramid scheme as we sell real, everyday products, and everyone contributes to grow the business.
– No financial risk.
– No legal risk.

How often do I get paid?

You would get your pay out on a weekly basis.

1. Every Monday the system will generate a sales report of the previous week’s sales. Affiliate have to log into the affiliate portal to view their report.
2. Your Monday payment report will include:
– All sales on your Unique URL (website).
– All Growth Share generated from each of your seven (7) levels.
3. Commission and Growth Share payments will be made every Wednesday to registered affiliate.
Minimum wallet size for payments are R 20.00 nett to affiliate (This amount excludes VAT and the R6.40 GSM Fee (Growth Share Management Fee) as per the Terms and Conditions. In the event the affiliate has less in their wallet, the payment will roll over until the next Wednesday when the affiliate has more than R 20.00 nett in their wallet.

Do you have marketing material?
Yes, we have marketing creatives, presentations and promotional copy for both sales and recruitment purposes. The marketing material works well on social media, instant messaging, sales calls, presentations and one-to-one meetings. It’s crucial to always use your own unique URL when sending out marketing and sales messages. This will ensure that sales and new recruits fall under your profile.

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