Oxygen Concentrator 7L – Model: ZY-1J


Oxygen Concentrator 7L – Model: ZY-1J


• Oxygen Flow: 1L/Min ( Can be adjusted 0.5L – 7L/Min )
• Oxygen Concentration: 93% ±3% (0.5 – 1L/Min)
• Noise Level: Less than 40dB
• Outlet Pressure: 20kPa – 70kPa
• Product Size: 28*20*30cm
• Product Weight: 6Kg
• Colour: White

1x R 10800.00
Oxygen Concentrator 7L - Model: ZY-1J R 10800.00
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Rokon has continued its tradition of leading the industry in manufacturing oxygen products designed for portability, reliability, and ease-of-use.

This machine makes it even more possible now, to stay active and on the go while still getting the oxygen therapy you need. It has a maximum oxygen setting of 7,000 ml/minute on the setting of 7L/min. The lowest it provides is 1000 ml/min on the setting of 1L/min. The oxygen purity runs between 90% and 96% on the setting of 1L/min.

The ZY-1JW has undergone rigorous testing at its factory in Hefei, China. These stringent testing procedures have ensured that the ZY-1JW can withstand extreme vibrations, temperatures, and impacts. Its lightweight and compact design make it very durable and ideal for active users.



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Additional information

Number of unit 1 unit
Weight 6000 g
Dimensions 280 × 190 × 300 mm